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A free online microphone test for Windows PC, android, iPhone, iPad, and MAC. Test your microphone online with one click and offer recommended solutions.

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Key Features of Mic Test

The hearing waveform display

The hearing waveform display

You will see the sound wave on the screen; from that, you can conclude whether the microphone is working correctly.

Playing sound on speakers

Playing sound on speakers

You can slightly increase the volume level to medium to hear your voice on the speaker.

Recording and playback

Recording and playback

To determine the quality of the microphone, you can try to record and playback the recorded sound.

Sound Measure in Decibles

Sound Measure in Decibles

You can show the sound frequencies in decibles, Also min and maximum voice status.

What Is Mic Test?

The online mic test is an advanced mic testing tool for testing your microphone and finding technical issues on any device such as Laptop, Mobile, iPhone, Macbook, and tablet.

The main advantage of the mic test is that it works on the browser. It also asks permission to test your microphone and show visual hearing effects on your screen.

Our online microphone test tool is 100% secure and safe. Nothing is recorded or uploaded during the Mic test. You can press "Ctrl + D" to bookmark the microphone test tool or share it with others.

Benefits of Always Testing Your Mic

Performing online mic testing on a regular basis has a number of advantages that enhance the communication process and audio quality. Let's look at a few benefits of adding mic testing to your online practice.

1. Audio that is undistorted and clear
You can spot any problems that can degrade the clarity and quality of your audio output by routinely checking your microphone. This makes sure that your speech is correctly delivered online, free of distortion or background noise, which improves understanding and engagement.

2. More Effective Online Presence
A solid microphone is essential for building a good online presence, regardless of whether you're a content producer, remote worker, or online performer. You can offer professional-grade audio and gain the audience's and your colleagues' attention by regularly assessing and improving your microphone's performance.

3. Enhancing the User Experience
A good user experience is crucial for online meetings, webinars, and live streaming. You can help ensure that your audience has a seamless and delightful experience by taking the time to test your microphone. Effective communication of your message is made possible by crystal-clear audio, which encourages greater participant involvement and comprehension.

4. Save in time and money
Regular mic testing provides you to quickly discover and fix audio problems, saving both time and resources. You may prevent difficulties, delays, and the need for expensive equipment replacements by taking care of possible issues before they come up. You can concentrate on your online tasks without being distracted, thanks to this proactive technique.

How do I check my microphone?

Yes, follow the steps below to test your mic -

1. Click on the test your mic button.

2. It will scroll you to the testing area.

3. Then click on the start mic test button.

4. Allow microphone access permission.

5. Speak and check the visual to test your mic.

Frequently Asked Questions?


Firstly check if your microphone is working or having any issues using MicTest. If the test result is positive, then your mic works on the Omegle.

Yes, follow the steps below to test your iPhone Mic

  1. Visit mictest.co.
  2. Visit mictest.co on your iPhone.
  3. Start the test
  4. Speak and check the visual.

See the visual effect of the mic test by speaking slowly as well as highly; according to mic sensitivity, the visual effect goes high and low.